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by kbrecordzz October 7, 2023 Laleh

I've had thoughts and notes about Laleh lying around for years, not knowing what to do with them. Then I suddenly realized I could make a kbrecordzz.com post! After all, this is my website where I post stuff.

When you look for the persons involved in a Laleh production you'll find a lot of different persons, and then you'll realize they're all Laleh (almost). This is from the description to the song "Framåt"'s music video:

"Written by Laleh Pourkarim
Vocals, Backing Vocals, Keys, Pads, Synths, Organs, Bass, Percussions & Drum Programming, Programming, Sound Design & Effects, Guitars by Laleh
Backing Vocals, Saxophone, Flute, Guitars, Piano, Keys, Organ, Percussions & Electric Bass by Gustaf Thörn
Guitars by Samuel Gajicki
Percussion by Nilou (Niloufar Thörn)
Children’s Choir by Alva Liljero Eriksson, Norah Liljero Eriksson & Nilou (Niloufar Thörn)

Video production by Palang
Edited by Laleh Pourkarim
Animations & Grading by Gustaf Thörn
Credit to Gen-1 for generating some of the background animations."

So, the song is written by, sung by, backing sung by, keyboard, synth, organ, bass, drum and guitar played by, sound effected and sound designed by Laleh. The music video is edited by Laleh. Video production is made by someone else called "Palang" (it's a production company, publishing company and label founded by Laleh). Other persons have helped with the song, but regardless, all these things I mentioned were made by Laleh. Impressive!

Laleh is one of few artists constantly spreading hope. She stands for an optimism that many people find silly. People love Laleh and her bright ways, but they also see her as a naive child and think it's kind of funny that she is like she is. I think it's only inspiring! You don't just get that life view by wandering around aimlessly in the world, you have to come up with it yourself. This way of coming up with your completely own thing seemingly out of nothing, seems to be what Laleh does and is. She does everything herself, in her own way. Both the attitude in her lyrics, her attitude in the music business and to artistry in general, always comes from herself only. She has that kind of persistant tenacity (I looked for a positive word for "stubbornness") that makes her say no to a bunch of hot producers at 20 years old, and instead produce her first album herself:

"Well I started learning to engineer and produce music before I even consider making an album which was very important for me. By doing that I took control over my life and what I actually produce and create."

I use to listen to uphype:ing party music, because it gives me a positive feeling. But most of such music is made like a joke, or is generally perceived as a joke or just silly. You can at least say that "club bangers" aren't generally taken very seriously. People seem to think darkness is more interesting, serious and _real_ than happy feelings. So, when artists sit down to write a song about something interesting, they probably don't think of parties and clubs. But Laleh is an artist who makes music that gives me that uplifting feeling, without doing it as a joke. It's serious and real but never negative in any way. Maybe much of pop and rock music is decadent and negative in its core, and Laleh is doing something amazing by being the complete opposite?

Laleh is somehow both weird, unique and completely uncompromising about her vision, and also loved by everyone. The normies in Sweden haven't realized yet that they love a weirdo of a kind that they usually hate. Laleh was always loved by the people, she didn't have to prove that her weird thing was worth taking seriously. She's neither that kind of weird that's easy for the normies to love - that kind where it's partly a joke, so you don't have to think a second thought if you don't want to, you can just dismiss them as crazy and still enjoy the music - no, she's real, and the fact that she's succeeded both artistically and commercially without sacrificing herself makes me believe that she may be the one you (= I) should strive to be?

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