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Grimes, never get a publicist!

by kbrecordzz September 17, 2022 Grimes

Grimes stopped having a publicist and suddenly the news is fun! There is a world where the news look like this, and there’s a world where it doesn’t, and if publicists want the second one of these, I will fight them until I win, because I don’t want a world without Grimes’ wackiness:

Bad PR is good PR

Actually, who wants that except publicists and PR people? PR means public relations, but PR people haven’t caught up with today’s way of having relations with the public. The public thinks perfection is boring and wants real people, so if your job is to manipulate a celebrity’s image to appeal to the public you’d want to manipulate it into looking imperfect, but that’s also how any person looks before the PR manipulation, so… What was the purpose of you now again, PR person/publicist? Publicists kill imperfection because they’re driven by FEAR. They’re so afraid that something bad will happen that they only show good things. When in reality, looking constantly good doesn’t make us think a person is good, imperfection (to a reasonable degree) does.


Here’s some proof of Grimes being Grimes, and of people being a lot stranger and more interesting when they don’t hide their true selves:

But the aspects of Grimes that makes her more interesting, fun and appealing than 99% of other public figures are exactly the aspects publicists are afraid of. So, I guess that all publicists must stop to exist (I don’t want them to die, just to switch profession). We are afraid of the wrong things, we should be afraid of perfection because it hides all the beauty without replacing it with anything important.

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