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Watching every episode of Pewdiepie’s Minecraft series was fun and I also learned a lot about storytelling

by kbrecordzz February 27, 2022 video games, Pewdiepie

This text could have been about playing Minecraft. But since Pewdiepie’s Minecraft series from 2019 is so much more than just him playing Minecraft, this text will be more than just reviewing him playing Minecraft: It will be about how he brought life and purpose into an almost pointless game by creating his own storyline, and made thousands of people care emotionally about some randomly spawned animals without any character traits inside of a completely random environment.

I care emotionally about this horse.

But first, let’s skip the big words and instead talk about all the 49 episodes separately. What actually happened in the series?

A screenshot from the series.

1-3. Starting an ironic game series
4-6. Adventures with Joergen
7-11. Start of a friendship
12-15. The home base is getting weird
6-19. Deeper relations to the pets
20-24. The pig army empire
25-28. New characters and weird meme fights
29-30. Ending
31-32. Peaceful aftermath
33-38. Post-story, experimentation and callbacks to the series
39-40. Coming back after a long break
41-49. Checking out new game updates

1-3 Starting an ironic game series

1. Minecraft Part 1

“he said “historical moment” is the most epic foreshadowing ever”

“Gaming week!” says Pewdiepie and starts a Minecraft series on his YouTube channel. Sceptical and hyped at the same time, doesn’t take the game very seriously, and tries to blow up a T.N.T. block by decorating it with a torch. He claims to be a “Minecraft veteran”, but pretty much discovers everything for the first time. This is where it all begins.

2. Im actually having… FUN? In MINECRAFT (hacked)

“It’s actually really wholesome watching PewDiePie get really exited about 2 beetroot seeds.”

Goal of the second episode: Create a farm and get a feel for the game. Pewdiepie misunderstands basic things about right- and left-click, even though he’s “spent 6 hours watching minecraft tutorials”, and catches his first sheep. He then accidentally cut their whool when trying to close their gate, and finds a “mine shaft” underground where he fights monsters in an intense battle. “There’s so much lava! There’s so much epicness!”

3. Minecraft is scary!!!

Pewdiepie tries to attract a horse (“Maybe he wants apple.”) and gets mad at tutorials. He finds lava, dies in lava, and visits the Nether (Minecraft’s second dimension that looks like hell and is full of lava) for the first time.

4-6 Adventures with Joergen

4. I LOST my horse in Minecraft (REAL TEARS)

“The fact that pewds played more Minecraft off camera and made more improvements to his house warms my heart”

A few episodes in, and Pewdiepie has already started going from ironically playing Minecraft to actually starting to like it.

Actual contents of the episode: Pewdiepie has built an indoors pool and behaves like a child. He goes on a hunt for Gucci pants, tries to catch both turtles and cats with a bucket and loses his horse Joergen because he looks away from it for a second. Then follows a dramatic and emotional night where he desperately tries to find Joergen. Then he finds him. Then he loses him two more times.

5. I slept in the Nether in Minecraft..

“Felix displayed the five stages of grief when Jorgen died lmao”

An incredibly packed episode, where Pewdiepie is starting to get attached to his horse Joergen. Fans trick Pewdiepie to put a bed inside the Nether, which by intentional game design makes the bed explode, and the farm outside of Pewdiepie’s house is growing bigger. Pewdiepie tries to go into the Nether together with his beloved horse Joergen, but Joergen tragically dies by getting stuck in the Nether portal and becomes the first character (of many) in the series to die. The first really sad moment.

“He left us too soon. He was like a father to me. I loved him like my son. You never know when the ones who love you will leave you. I never thought this day would come. R.I.P. Joergen.”

Pewdiepie proceeds to quickly creates Joergen #2, a new horse. But Joergen #1 lives on as a symbol as a tree is planted and a memorial ceremony is being held in his honour. Pewdiepie tries to catch a bunny with a bucket and accidentally blows himself up in a desert temple. “I can’t trust anybody no more. Not even myself…” Hero music starts playing.

6. I found an EPIC treassure in Minecraft

“I like how his horse got full diamond armor before him.”

Treasure hunt with the new horse Joergen #2! Pewdiepie is now addicted to Minecraft and also very ashamed of that same fact. And when something goes bad for him in the game (like his sandblock being dropped too slow), he’s talking directly to Notch, the creator of Minecraft, like if it was his fault, even though Notch has already sold the game to Microsoft and is completely de-attached from its development by now. Notch has a new life now.

7-11 Start of a friendship

7. I found a DOG in Minecraft!!!

A basement gets built, llama owners gets killed and the llamas finally stop spitting at Pewdiepie (for killing their owners). Pewdiepie dives underwater and travels to an ice land, and when he’s out on his adventures he misses his horse Joergen a lot. “Just wait til Joergen sees this”, he says with anticipation and nostalgia in his voice when he discovers something cool in a new area. Pewdiepie also finds a dog, which immediately becomes his new friend. The dog gets to follow him home to start living at Pewdiepie’s base. “He needs a name. Sven.” This is a dog we’ll see a lot more from in the series.

“What if we don’t make it back. And I have to start a new life here with Sven. But what about Joergen…”

8. I got RAIDED in Minecraft!!!

“I have noticed that each episode gets longer and longer, pewdiepie is becoming addicted to minecraft unironically.”

Pewdiepie’s house gets Sweden-themed, and his farm is vibrating with an incredibly loud sound because the cows and sheeps are reproducing themselves too much. A village far away that Pewdiepie happens to visit gets “raided”, which basically means a lot of annoying enemies appears and he has to fight them all. The raid never ends, but when it finally does, I’ve managed to reach valuable insights about the power of music: The raid fight was a pretty meaningless moment, but the exaggerated music made me invested in it, and that made the moment meaningful.

9. My minecraft Dog is TRAPPED underwater (HELP ME!!!)

“The part where Joergen was nearly drowning was more intense than any thriller I’ve ever seen.”

Sea adventures with Sven and Joergen, accompanied by anthemic adventure music making me constantly sense something great/horrible coming behind the corner. Joergen accidentally gets trapped underwater, and what follows is nothing else than an incredibly captivating fight against death where Pewdiepie desperately tries to get Joergen up to the surface, and I’m on the edge of my seat for about 40 seconds. It’s one of the most dramatic moments in the whole series, and shows that this playthrough ain’t no joke. Joergen makes it, thankfully.

And as if that wasn’t enough horror and despair, Sven disappears too. He’s gone underwater. You can hear dog sounds (“woof woof”), but he can only be heard and not seen. Where is he? Turns out he’s stuck in an air-bubble in an underwater cave. That’s way too much for Pewdiepie, so he ends the episode and asks the viewers for help on how to save his dog.

10. Saving my Minecraft Dog At ALL COSTS!

“Ive never seen someone love a minecraft dog so much, this is pure entertainment”

Sven is alive but stuck in an air-bubble underwater. Pewdiepie tries to get him out with various methods, and finally succeeds. Peace can return to the lands! Then: An episode of building fun stuff, for example a watchtower.

11. I FOUND an OCEAN TEMPLE in Minecraft! (epic)

“Did he literally killed 26 of his sheeps, craft doors, risked his life under the water temple, just to get golden blocks for his old friend?”

Pewdiepie puts an enemie’s house on fire, and thinks a lot about his animals. He colors his sheep blue and yellow, and calls everyone and everything not in his liking “dumbidumbdumb”. His watchtower gets renamed to “Ikea Tower”. Lastly, Pewdiepie travels to a “water temple” to get a couple of gold blocks for “an old friend”. This old friend turns out to be no one less than Joergen #1, his first horse. The gold is for decorating his grave and honouring his life.

12-15 The home base is getting weird

12. I found a Nether Castle in Minecraft!

Now Pewdiepie has got a hyper-fast shovel, and can dig very very fast through dirt. He travels to a “Nether fortress” to fight fire enemies, experiments with water potions to be able to breath underwater and tries to find a girlfriend to Virgin Toad (a turtle, that is not a toad, that is a virgin).

13. DONT Name Change your Horse in Minecraft to this…

The sheep “Jeb”, who Pewdiepie for some reason hate, is now known as Watersheep. Otherwise, this episode is more about building things then about hanging out with fun animals and going on adventures. He builds a Japanese-styled summer house for his dog Sven, and tells the viewers stories about how he started on YouTube in real life. He also tries to make a turtle baby.

14. My Minecraft Sheep is Cancelled

“Pewds: “he was like a father to me”, he says as he brutally crushed it in magma.”

The episode starts with showing a big Swedish flag and a giant meatball that has been built outside of Pewdiepie’s house. It’s clear now that his base is turning into some kind of Swedish empire.

“What if i made another piston. so he gets squeezed from many angles”, Pewdiepie wonders and builds a torture chamber for his Watersheep “Jeb”. He “accidentally” kills Jeb with lava torture, and sad music starts playing. Pewdiepie makes a new sheep, and tries to get him to bounce in water (“I just want him forever bouncing”). By now, we’ve both seen Pewdiepie’s unconditional love to his pets, and his unhinged urge for destruction.

15. Raiding a Woodland Mansion in Minecraft

Joergen #2 has disappeared, and Pewdiepie takes a “skeleton horse” with him to try to find him. Then he raids a woodland mansion.

16-19 Deeper relations to the pets

16. I built a GIANT MEATBALL in Minecraft (emotional)

The lore is starting to get complex. Sven, Joergen, Watersheep, the giant meatball, Ikea tower. Every part with its own story and identity. This is where Pewdiepie is slowly sliding into insanity, and the previously known fact that Minecraft is “cringe” is now completely gone. He proudly shows us an evelator that he’s built inside his giant meatball, he builds an egg cannon, Joergen disappears and gets found, and he shoots egg on a chicken to make it reveal sensitive information.

17. I found an Ikea Bird in Minecraft!

“its like he is singlehandedly trying to run a huge kindergarden”

Adventure in the jungle with the boys! They find a blue and yellow parrot. Also, a house is being built for the horses on the farm.


18. I found the END of Minecraft!

“Water Sheep went from being the annoyance of the series to an actual god”

For each episode, Pewdiepie is communicating increasingly much with his animals. A proof of his deep relationship is the church that he now has built for Watersheep. Watersheep is God now. He’s super-immersed into the game (like me), and is looking for “the End” (the place in Minecraft where you fight the final boss).

19. Goodbye my Minecraft horse..

“Famous last words: “That means joergen can ride this one””

Pewdiepie’s church gets upgraded to Watersheep Temple. He makes an automated farm. Sven travels Minecart to his own house. Pewdiepie goes to a mushroom island, gets two mushroom cows to make a baby and then he kills the newborn baby. He saves a dolphin. He accidentally kills his horse Joergen by letting him ride a minecart through a way too small corridor.

“This is the weirdest playthrough”

20-24 The pig army empire

20. I’ve made a HUGE mistake in Minecraft

“This is when the series took a dark turn”

Joergen #2 gets his life honoured and celebrated. The second Joergen to die. Pewdiepie feels regret and shame, because ultimately it was because of him. I don’t really know how, but thinking about Joergen #2’s death made me start thinking about my own mortality. Proves that this is powerful stuff. The new character Mushroom Cow (who has only been around for an episode) quickly gets killed by accident. Pewdiepie get himself a donkey (“Bernie”). Bernie dies. Pewdiepie finds a pig who he gives the name “Peepee-Poopoo”. “We’re gonna beat the Enderdragon together”, he says to Peepee-Poopoo, and the two newfound friends go on a pilgrimage where they even manage to collect a whole army of pigs as a following.

21. I did an Oopsie in Minecraft

“Me thinking that Pewdiepie hated water sheep a few videos ago. Me Now: He really did love that sheep…”

Pewdiepie and Peepee-Poopoo goes on an adventure. They build some stuff. Pewdiepie sculpts a sheep face in the mountains to honour Watersheep, and his base is now growing from a small simple farm to a big empire. For example, there’s a huge horse monument at the entry.

22. Why Are 96,000,000 Pigs in my Minecraft?

And now, a gigantic pig farm is also being created on the base. But then Pewdiepie “accidentally” kills the main pig Peepee-Poopoo in an attempt to heal him (shoving a posion bottle against a pig’s head doesn’t heal it). Sad montage with sad music. He quickly creates a new Peepee-Poopoo.

“I’m so big brain that I sometimes make small brain decisions.”

Pewdiepie shows his automated farm and all its technical details, and suddenly I snap out of “story mode” for a while. When he stops talking about his animals, it strikes me that oh right, this is just a game and not actual real happenings. I forgot! Peepee-Poopoo doesn’t exist so there’s no reason to be sad over his death. Or?

23. I found AMAZING loot from FISHING in Minecraft!

“It’s funny how felix hates some of his pets, but when they die he gets very sad and angry.”

Breed a pig army! Find the wither! Ikea bird gets killed by some meanies, sad montage. Pewdiepie shows us his mining area, finds a slime named “Rolf” and accidentally kills him immediately. Sad montage even though they only knew each other for two minutes. “Now we go to jungle and spread diseases!” He finds a villager, locks him in and “cures” him into a librarian (Minecraft logic confuses me), followed by kidnapping more villagers and doing more scientific experiments on them. He also tries to make them have sex with each other. Then he makes a helmet out of a turtle, finally.

24. I found the LIGHTNING TRIDENT in Minecraft!

He finds the LIGHTNING TRIDENT! And a cat. He also empties a whole water temple of water, and feeds villagers potatoes to make them breed inside of a disgusting sex chamber that he’s built for them. Disgust knows no boundaries.

25-28 New characters and weird meme fights

25. I summoned The Wither Boss in Minecraft

“This series started off with pewds running from monsters but now… He’s creating them….”

Pewdiepie proceeds his sex chamber escapades, and has now built a fully automatic potato feeder that drops potatoes down into a “love room”. The love room is inhabited by two villagers, and since potatoes make villagers go into breeding mode, a villager baby gets born. And dies instantly. Sad montage with pictures from 40 seconds ago.

Then, after having prayed to Council of Watersheep, Pewdiepie manages to catch a thunderstorm, which is needed for transforming his pig farm into a huge army of sword-bearing pigs. Then he accidentally makes them turn against him instead. He summons the “Wither” boss and begins the most intense battle of the series. The Peepee-Poopoo pig army fights the Wither boss to incredible music and I’m once again at the edge of my seat.

When intensity has laid down, Pewdiepie proceeds to build a magical monument for his two lost horses both named Joergen and for Watersheep. A big and emotional moment. A YouTube comment says “THE FACT THAT I CRIED WHEN HE WAS HONORING THE JEORGENS AND WATER SHEEP”.

26. I found a PewDiePie Boss in Minecraft! (Real)

“They work for me and I sell them their own crops” – Pewdiepie about villagers

Ikea bird dies, again. How many times has it died now? At least one time without affecting the story at all. Also, a villager dies. “He was like a father to me. The way he traded me melons for a discount… I felt like I truly belonged.” The sad death montages are reaching ridiculous levels now.

Pewdiepie has now got himself a villager as his farmer/slave, that he continuously steal crops from and sell them back to in order to earn money.

Tower of llama (which is a tower made out of llamas) gets finished up, and Pewdiepie tears his old house down and replaces it with a new, much larger house. He also makes a memorial for all the Peepee-Poopoo’s (pigs) who fought and died in the last episodes (by placing one torch for each dead pig), and meets himself in a thrilling bossfight. This is where the series peaks.

27. I tame a Fox in Minecraft (very cute)

“This episode was so wholesome, we get Bengt, Sven and Sven’s BF get married, and they have a child. What a happy episode”

The DJ of the base, DJ Cow, gets killed by a lightning stryke from Pewdiepie. Then Pewdiepie finds a cute fox, and a boyfriend for Sven, who Svem marries in front of all the other animals on the base. Love is real, after all.

28. The UNTHINKABLE happened in Minecraft

“The the fact that Felix cried over almost losing Sven is so precious.”

A peaceful day at the base. Pewdiepie builds a new big temple in front of Ikea Tower, and plays God with a “trident” (a kind of lightning rod), which he gets a lot of amusement out of.

29-30 Ending

29. Married in Minecraft Epicly

“Think I show mercy to child? think again.” KABLAOW! (sound of a lightning shock).

The boys (Pewdiepie and dogs) go ice skating and everything is peaceful and happy at the base. But there’s one important thing left to do: Pewdiepie has to go to the End to fight the game’s main boss, the Enderdragon. That’s no fun and games. He takes a new Peepee-Poopoo pig with him, and they plan to go into the End together to fight the end boss as companions. But just as they’re about to jump into the portal together, Peepee-Poopoo pushes Pewdiepie down into it without jumping into it himself. Maybe with revenge or some other kind of bad intent in mind. Cowardish behavior however, even for a pig. Pewdiepie is now in the End by himself, while Peepee-Poopoo is still in the normal world. The game must be beaten without Peepee-Poopoo.

30. I challenge the Ender Dragon in Minecraft (Ending)

“The ending was so emotional I cried. No, I sobbed.”

The episode takes off where the last one ended, with an intense fight against the Enderdragon. Pewdiepie tries to use snowmen as weapons against it, but it doesn’t work and the boss fight ends.

Let’s try again. This time, Pewdiepie sees the opportunity to push Peepee-Poopoo down into the End portal and takes it, as a revenge for the last episode. This kills Peepee-Poopoo. Sad montage. For a pig who has died before. There have been several pigs all named Peepee-Poopoo’s in the series, and all of them now seem to have been merged into one single personality, because the sad memorial montage now shows pictures of a totally different Peepee-Poopoo than the one who died. What is a character anyway?? However, Pewdiepie decides to face the Enderdragon without Peepee-Poopoo.

“This time… I’ll go alone.”

Powerful music. He catches all enemies by putting them in boats, and uses beds as a weapon. “In the beginning, we died by sleeping. Now we use it as a weapon” (paraphrased). He proceeds to beat the Enderdragon, and shoots fireworks from Ikea Tower to celebrate as soon as he arrives at home.

31-32 Peaceful aftermath

31. I Raid an END City in Minecraft (Epicly)

– Pewdiepie (a commenter suggested that he said that at least)

With last episode’s successful Enderdragon fight, the game’s main objective is achieved. With that the series is kind of over. But Pewdiepie still wants to do more stuff in Minecraft, so he travels to an ice world, catches a polar bear and drags it around the ice with a lead and just has a good time. Then he steals a polar bear baby, and visits an “End city”. Also, the complex and multifaceted chicken “Feigi” appears for the first time.

32. Minecraft just became 10x better!

“Are we going to talk about the fact that Bengt spent the entire episode just chewing on one single porkchop?”

Pewdiepie has learned how to fly! Now we get to see his beautiful Minecraft base from the sky. And since he’s beaten the game, the story stands a bit still… Until Sven’s boyfriend dies from falling from a high place. “I just wanted him to bounce!”. But he didn’t bounce. He died. This causes Pewdiepie to make a drastic decision and fly away from his home, far away, because of all the shame and sorrow from letting his animals die. Like in some kind of “I don’t deserve this” mindset.

33-38 Post-story, experimentation and callbacks to the series

33. What does 10 000 BELLS in Minecraft sound like?

“Alternative title: Grown man slowly grows more insane while torturing a chicken and talking to beetroot in a block game.”

Pewdiepie is still filled with regret from hurting so many animals, and has therefore traveled to a house far away. “I’ve spent time in my summerhouse. By that way I can’t hurt nobody.” Then he immediately starts to torture animals (both sheep and chicken). He builds the world’s largest tower and takes the chicken Feigi, who he’s highly suspicious of, with him to jump down from it towards an immediate chicken death. But as they jump, he sees that Feigi has written “I LOVE YOU” with huge burning letters on the ground. The attitude towards Feigi changes. Then a giant Feigi boss appears. Then Pewdiepie kills Council of Watersheep and replaces it with Council of Beetroot.

34. This building will change Minecraft FOREVER

“”The story of the Minecraft series is over.” Proceeds to make even more story driven episodes drenched with character and emotion.”

All animals are away from the farm, so Pewdiepie becomes best friends with beetroots. He catches a dolphin named “Flip Flop” and creates the world’s first Minecraft dolphin rollercoaster, that goes both up in the air and down underwater.

“One of the greatest joys in minecraft, is killing animals for no reason”

35. How to make a Minecraft Creeper NEVER EXPLODE again. (Tutorial)

“this entire episode was like a fever dream”

Goal of the day: frick (=have sex with) a creeper. R.I.P. Ingvar 1 second. The series has now fully spiraled down into madness, which many YouTube commenters point out. Pewdiepie completes the day’s goal and builds a machine that sex-tortures a creeper, which is deeply uncomfortable and disgusting. But “Council of Beetroot”, his new God, told him to do it, so it’s okay.

Towards the end of the episode, Pewdiepie holds a beautiful monologue at the base of Ikea Tower. He has realized now, that the beauty of Ikea Tower never came from its aesthetic. It came from all of the friends surrounding it. Because of this, he must blow up Ikea Tower. Too bad none of his pets are there to see it… Then suddenly, all animals come back! They just wanted to teach Pewdiepie a lesson! Then they blow up Ikea Tower anyway.

The episodes are very arranged right now. It seems like Pewdiepie has understood what’s fun with his series, and arranges fun moments to happen instead of encounter them by chance. It’s fun nonetheless.

36. I Built A Cake Ladder in Minecraft to prove god is real

“Who would’ve imagined that launching a tower to space was so emotional”

The series has peaked by now, but Pewdiepie still comes up with side-plots and fun experiments for the episodes, like for example sending the old Ikea Tower up to space (accompanied by the sad montage song). He also builds a “cake ladder” (a ladder made of only cake) and an automated chicken farm.

37. I summoned a forbidden Minecraft Boss

“The highlight of the century: Watching some Swedish guy attempt to murder a magic sheep while thinking about how he’ll deal with the chicken infestation in his ginormous industrial state”

The automated chicken farm has made an overproduction of eggs, which Pewdiepie uses to his advantage and makes an eggshooter to torture a creeper (who he already has built a sex-torture machine for). The farm is now flooded with chickens. Pewdiepie uses his engineering skills to make a secret door inside his house, and meets a sheep who wanna help him get back Council of Watersheep (this is done by Pewdiepie killing another sheep with one of his torturing/killing machines). Gods, offerings, resurrection and almighty fights, the series touch a lot of big subjects now.

38. Minecraft Disaster Happened. *almost quit*

“Bro when he said “this is worse than my house getting robbed in real life” I freakin died”

Both Pewdiepie’s house and his dog Sven almost burn down. Despite this, Pewdiepie doesn’t slow down but instead makes a bomb-shooting machine to protects his lands, that sometimes works and sometimes blows itself up.

39-40 Coming back after a long break

39. I’m Back in Minecraft!

“he killed Ingvar without realising it in the intro.”

2019 has turned to 2020, and the series is back after a long break! Which means Pewdiepie rediscovering almost everything he’s done until now. Sven is gone and Pewdiepie travels to find him. He later finds him.

40. I Made The WORST Minecraft MISTAKE There Is. ..

Incest controversy (“I made Sven frick his son”). Pewdiepie blows up Council of Watersheep. The episode ends with Pewdiepie jumping down from the old Ikea Tower towards a certain and dramatic death, a cliffhanger that never gets revisited and doesn’t have any consequences on story at all.

41-49 Checking out new game updates

41. I Found The New Biome in Minecraft! (Nether Update)

“Pewdiepie: “crying is for crying people who cry a lot i don’t cry” Later on: Pewdiepie cries”

Pewdiepie finds a new Nether biome. But sadly, the 2020 episodes are much less exciting than the 2019 ones. The peak is over, and Pewdiepie mostly plays to check on new updates in the game.

42. The MOST Dangerous Place In Minecraft!

Looking for things in the Nether.

43. DO NOT Ride The New Minecraft Mount!

“Pewdiepie: why do a all my pets die? Also Pewdiepie: almost fires an arrow at ulla britta because he was bored”

Pewdiepie looks for netherite in the Nether.

44. I Found The Minecraft Bastion!!

Pewdiepie does some more stuff in the Nether.

45. I Found Infinite GOLD Source in Minecraft

“I like how felix’s house is just 1 big room”

This whole episode is pretty much Pewdiepie saying “gold” in a funny way and having a really good time doing it. Almost a year has gone by since the series’ start, and Pewdiepie has since then acquired a new beard, a new attitude (aggressive and threatening) and some kind of new humor.

46. I Trapped Someone in Minecraft for 100 Days… and this Happened

Back to an old school adventure! A loong time ago (both in Minecraft time and in real time), Pewdiepie put a bird in a jungle far away. Now he’s trying to find it.

47. Minecraft with RTX Looks UNREAL!

“Felix’s whole series is about him losing his pets and then finding them.”

He just flies around. Steals a panda. Tries “shaders” (a more sophisticated way of lighting up areas in the game). No sad montages or overdramatic music choices anymore, the series has become something else than what it was and is clearly going towards an end.

48. I Did Something Awful in Minecraft!

“I swear this was a wholesome series until pewdiepie actually figured out how to play”

Pewdiepie goes to the jungle to get a bee, and hangs out at his base.

49. Bye Bye Minecraft

“This series truly ended part 30 when peepeepoopoo betrayed him and he died to the ender dragon, the rest is just a fever dream of us wanting it to continue”

The last episode. Pewdiepie reminisces a bit about everything he’s done in the series, but instead of making an emotional summary of it, he runs around looking for stuff to do with bees. A non-sentimental, but still worthy, ending of Pewdiepie’s Minecraft series.


So how can we conclude the series, and what can we learn from it? Here are a couple of realizations I got from watching the whole series from start to finish:

 The series has few boring moments:
…at least between episode 1 and about 35. Few seconds were skip-worthy, which is pretty impressive for a game playthrough series.

• Pewdiepie’s made-up story is much more fun than Minecraft’s built-in story:
The goal of Minecraft is to find a portal and fight a dragon in a beige void. The story isn’t the game’s biggest strength and feels more like something they’ve put on top of the amazing gameplay to give it some context. But Pewdiepie’s story of Sven, Joergen, Peepee-Poopoo and Feigi actually manages to make Minecraft the magnificent story game that it couldn’t do itself.

• The story is what makes the series memorable:
When I look back at the series, I remember the first animal deaths of Joergen #1 and #2, Pewdiepie’s adventures with his dog Sven, the stressful and exciting boss fights and all the sad memorial montages for all the pets Pewdiepie lost or killed. That’s the whole series to me, even if a lot of other less significant things happened in between those emotional moments: Pewdiepie building stuff, looking through his inventory, killing of enemies and just playing Minecraft like a normal person. But these moments weren’t memorable. The emotional story moments moments were memorable, but not the random gameplay in between.

• A story can be explained as simple as just “things happening” (to human characters):
When Pewdiepie took a break from playing with his Minecraft animals and started talking about something else, I watched Sven and Joergen just stand there and do nothing. Nothing happened to them, and it felt like I wasn’t inside the story anymore. I could almost physically feel leaving the story, like leaving a cinema and losing all immersion to the movie. When nothing happened to the characters in the game, the story disappeared, even if I still saw the characters being in the actual world. Is this simply what a story is, just things happening to characters? I think so! After looking into some definitions of narrative/stories, it seems like smart people also agree. Reading this 2005 report by David Rudrum, most definitions of narrative/story seem to agree that a narrative/story is some kind of sequence of events, with a few intuitive exceptions (a user manual can be a sequence of events but not a story, and if something doesn’t contain any humans or human-like characters it may feel less like a story). Wikipedia (“A narrative, story or tale is any account of a series of related events or experiences”) and literaryterms.net (“a story or narrative is a connected series of events told through words (written or spoken), imagery (still and moving), body language, performance, music, or any other form of communication”) also seem to be on my side.

• Pewdiepie creates human characters out of “dead” NPC:s:
If my definition of stories (“things happening (to human characters)”) is correct, then the story starts as soon things happen to the human characters in Pewdiepie’s Minecraft world. But how does any of the characters, except for Pewdiepie himself, feel human and alive? They’re just horses, pigs and chickens that don’t say a single word, spawn randomly and look like boxes – not very human traits. How does he do it? I don’t know. But he’s very good at it. He treats his animals with love and at least seem to care for them for real (if it’s not real, it’s good acting). He talks to them and about them (like saying “Joergen loves this!” about something Joergen never has done or talking about other character traits that are just made up inside Pewdiepie’s head). He saves them from dying and never forgets them when they die. He builds graves for their memory and continues to extend the graves throughout the whole series (which spans over countless Minecraft days and real-life months). Even if it’s all a joke, these small things Pewdiepie does to bring life into his characters are what make the series a story and not just someone playing a game.

• Storytelling = power:
People claim that Pewdiepie was the sole reason for the last years’ Minecraft revival, and there are reasons to believe that: Some of his early Minecraft videos got over 25 million views and a lot of them got over 20 million. The series was extremely popular. The first episode of Pewdiepie’s Minecraft series is his most watched gaming video, and that’s a lot when you’re one of the biggest, if not the biggest gaming Youtuber in the world. It would be weird if this series didn’t have an influence on the gaming world.

With stories you can make sense of complex things, and make fun out of boring things, and maybe that’s what people realized when they saw Pewdiepie and all his animal friends have fun in Minecraft: they rediscovered the fun in a game that they just had started abandoning because it was boring.

Storytelling and good communication makes people listen to you, and if they listen to you, you’ve got the power to fill their heads with your words.

• He made an episode together with Jack Black:

jack black.

Wanna read more about stories? Here’s a site on American Press Institute about making good stories, a good Medium article, two interviews with historian Yuval Noah Harari, and two reports discussing the definitions of narrative (one of them that I referred to earlier in the text).

Wanna read more about Pewdiepie’s Minecraft series? Visit the PewdiePie Minecraft Series Wiki if, and only if, you want to. And here’s an explanation of all lore in the series.

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