My first reaction to $UICIDEBOY$

August 2, 2021Posted in$UICIDEBOY$, 2010s, rap, USA

Ruby and $crim were two cousins who rapped on their own songs separately, but neither of their careers didn’t really get off before they started writing songs about their life troubles, formed a duo and started calling themselves “$UICIDEBOY$”. The group’s career started on Soundcloud in 2014, where they got a good amount of traction, and today they have reached some kind of underground rap legend status. I listened through all of $UICIDEBOY$ EP:s (all 35, there may be more or less of them depending on how you count) and most of their albums, and this is what I got out of it:

“Dead Batteries” by $UICIDEBOY$

The boy$ of $UICIDEBOY$ have released EP:s and albums in a lot of different themes, and their huge catalog touches many genres. However, the dark, melancholic and homicidal vibes are what they’re best associated with, and their songs get the best when they go into murder, nonchalant drug use and random satanism on heavy beats, like they do on the two releases “G.R.E.Y.G.O.D.S.” and “G.R.E.Y.G.O.D.S.I.I.” (which both features the rapper RAMIREZ), and in these songs:

Fuck a hoe II
Let ’em burn
Limp wri$t
It’s about a six hour drive

Now, it’s your turn to dive deep into the $UICIDEBOY$. Start with these bangers, try out some EP:s and find out what you like about them.