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Throwback: Baby VOX

by kbrecordzz December 12, 2020 1990s, Baby VOX, K-pop, Korea, throwback

Baby VOX was a cool group. They made a lot of hiphop influenced pop, not too unusual for a K-pop group in the 90s, and were more musically edgy and eclectic than many of their Western counterparts. At first they were promoted as a Korean version of Spice Girls, but according to Wikipedia people wasn’t ready for their “sexy” attitude and therefore they changed to a more “cute” approach with this album. Cute and sexy seems to be the two states you can alternate between, as they evolved back into “sexyness” a few years later, before ending the career for good with an incredibly “sexy” music video with 2pac rapping a verse from the grave (or in fact from a car door) without even giving his allowance. People cringe to this song, but it’s not bad, it’s just a stolen 2pac and very “sexy” girls. Pop artists adapt to the times (or create the times) with more or less sucess, and the mid-00s wasn’t really Baby VOX’s time – they did unique stuff in their early career, but they became less interesting with time. Imitating Western artists isn’t as cool as music videos with spaceships, futuristic cities and lightning balls, and songs like this, and that’s why I write the review on this album. Listen to Baby VOX II and get a taste of the cool, sweet, daring, catchy and well-written music on an album that doesn’t really have any bad song.

Baby VOX = Baby Voices of Expression = very nice. Album name is “Baby VOX II” on Rateyourmusic.com, but “Ya Ya Ya” on Youtube. Choose yourself and wisely, cuz I don’t know.

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