I saw NECRONOMIDOL in Stockholm (it was nice)

The “ultra dark Japanese idol group” NECRONOMIDOL travelled to Stockholm, Sweden to perform, and I travelled there to see them. Before October 23rd I didn’t know much about the group, except that they have some seriously great songs, but now I know that: • I love them.• Their names are Meica Mochinaga, Malin Kozakura, HimariContinue reading “I saw NECRONOMIDOL in Stockholm (it was nice)”

HANABIE. – Independence, “Girl’s Reform Manifest” and colorful music videos

HANABIE。 (“花冷え。”) is the Japanese metal band on the rise with the crazy gimmick:y music videos: They mix heavy metal with classic J-pop cuteness, which they absolutely aren’t the first at, but what differs them from many others is that their gimmicks don’t have any super-obvious calculations behind them. And do you know what thatContinue reading “HANABIE. – Independence, “Girl’s Reform Manifest” and colorful music videos”

Have you listened to the lyrics on “Far Beyond Driven” by Pantera?

After the heavy “Cowboys From Hell” and the heavier “Vulgar Display of Power”, Pantera decided to release the even heavier album “Far Beyond Driven” in 1994. It topped the U.S. Billboard 200 Chart, and Pantera got called an “overnight sensation” after being an active band for 13 years. Far Beyond Driven is an album whereContinue reading “Have you listened to the lyrics on “Far Beyond Driven” by Pantera?”