My songs on IPFS (the InterPlanetary File System)

My songs on IPFS:
Nacke – Bromsa in!
Nacke – Epic EPA Party

My songs are on IPFS, a decentralized way of storing files on the internet. The following files are not on a specific server, but on a “distributed” system, where different computers in a network help each other with storing the files.

It’s a relatively new and unused system, so if the file don’t load, there may be too few people/computers on the IPFS network that stores the file.

And since there’s no native support for IPFS in most web browsers, these links are to a “gateway” (which lets the IPFS files be “visible” on the “normal web”).

This is for testing, and for the future. In case the decentralized web will be the way of living in a couple of years, I want to be one of those who brag about being early.

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