A different category system

  PerfectionismTier 4, Kaachi, Rock-A-Cherry, K-pop music videos
  Timelesness (or not)Jun Togawa, Lee Jung Hyun, Jun Togawa again, Kanye West’s tweets
  Following trends or staying true to yourself (compromise or not)Lee Jung Hyun, TORIENA, Seiko Oomori, TORIENA again, NECRONOMIDOL, K-pop music videos
  What is artKanye West / Grimes, Super Mario 64 speedruns
  What is punkRock-A-Cherry, First Summer Uika, $UICIDEBOY$, $ATSUKI
  Being professional as an independent artistHanabie., Pink Guy
  Going outside the boxOn the music industry, K-pop music videos

  Being uniqueK-pop music videos
  Being two things at the same time$ATSUKI
  Dedication & becoming good at thingsSuper Mario 64 speedruns

  What is storytellingPewdiepie’s Minecraft series


This category system is like: “Somewhere in this text I wrote about this subject area, kind of. If you read you may find it. The whole text isn’t about the subject.” This is an experimental page, go back to the standard category system if you’re scared+confused.


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