My songs on LBRY/Odysee

My songs and my content on LBRY/Odysee:
Songs by my project “Nacke” on Odysee
My channel on Odysee

How my Odysee channel looked in July 2021

Odysee is like a decentralized alternative to Youtube. It uses the “protocol” called LBRY (instead of using HTTP as a language to communicate over the internet as websites do, it uses its own protocol). It’s based on blockchain technology, and is decentralized in the way that its content isn’t hosted by a single company and therefore can’t be taken down by that single company. If the website Odysee dies, the protocol LBRY (that organizes all the information), will still survive, and whoever wants to can create a new website/app like Odysee to display the videos again.

Here is a direct link to my channel via the LBRY protocol (only works if you have a way to connect directly to the LBRY protocol).

Read about my songs on IPFS